when you fall in love the first time:

1. don’t expect him to love you back, you are stronger than that. he is just another boy, and he doesn’t have to love you if he doesn’t.

2. when he stumbles over, “I don’t know what to say,” it is okay to keep loving him. but you can’t sit around forever waiting for the feeling to hit him if it isn’t supposed to.

3. when his lack of feelings eventually start to eat you alive, tell him you can’t do it anymore. break it off because you deserve someone who loves you, but do not blame him. do not blame yourself, either.

4. burn all of the love letters you wrote him. rip the pictures you took together into shreds. tear the pages of your journal out. save those for the next time you get your heart broken— things will look up again. the best poems come from broken hearts.

5. leave his sweatshirt at his doorstep when his is not home. do not ring the bell. when his mother sees you while she pulls in the driveway, smile and tell her that it just didn’t work out. do not tell her how it feels to have your heart ripped out. she knows.

6. when he calls you after too many beers and a joint, do not answer.

7. do not listen to the voicemail he leaves you, even if you know it’s full of “I want you back” and “I love yous”. you deserve them sober.

8. when you meet someone else, do not tell him how broken you are. he can tell. when he holds your hand and whispers “I love you” between long drives and picnics, tell him you love him, too.

9. just keep your head up. do not let him see how he ruined you. just wait. you’ll realize that somehow, he made you better.

for when he doesn’t love you back (via galaxiesofink)